E-Z Fit® Saddle


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My horse has a very wide back and I tried

three saddles and none of them fit her

perfectly till I tried the E-Z Fit®. I have been

using it for thirty three months with no problems.

- Electra - York, Pennsylvania

Very secure - it stays on my horse, which says

a lot as I have a young Arabian, full of energy.

- Jean - Stowe, Vermont


I used to get sore knees & hips after 2 hours

of riding. Now I’m up to 4 hours of pain free


- Vicky - Lancaster, Pennsylvania

This photo is the first step of me and Gypsy in the E-Z

Fit® Saddle.  We have now traveled through 6 states and

over 2500 miles.  We both love our saddle. 

 - Dana - Lancaster, Pennsylvania  

After riding on the E-Z Fit® Saddle on a 25

mile endurance ride on rough terrain, I can

truly say it was a better and more secure ride.

- Lee - Yuma, Arizona