E-Z Fit® Saddle


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The saddle is designed to fit both horse and rider. Its unique contour and design allows the saddle to sit flush with the horse while allowing comfort for the rider. The bottom panels distribute the rider's weight across the horse's back eliminating the need for a thick pad.

The foam interior of an E-Z Fit Saddle® absorbs the shock for both rider and horse. It is designed to fit on each side of the horses spine while keeping the rider's weight evenly distributed across the horses back and the pressure off the spine. The foam interior has withstood rigorous testing in all types of climates.

Does your horse have a pear or apple shaped stomach? With the EZ Fit Saddle® you have full control to move the cinch rings to exactly where they need to be. The stirrup hanger and girth can be moved to fit your horse and your style of riding. 

The seat size can be adjusted to fit from a 14" seat to a 18" seat. As seen here at right, the seat is flexible and can be moved forward or backward to adjust for the rider. This particular feature is also useful for therapuetic riding lessons.

The center fire Girthing System is designed to help stabilize the back part of the saddle.  The two pictures on the far right show how to girth up the EZ Fit Saddle®. 

The EZ Fit Saddle® comes with a full 2 year warranty including components. 






Taking Care of Your Saddle

First of all to eliminate a lot of cleaning consider using a cover to put over your saddle to keep the fine dust off it. NEVER put any oil on the smooth leather. Just take some saddle soap occasionally to clean it with and rub it down with a sponge or towel. NEVER put any oils or saddle soap on the seat. A suede bar and a stiff brush does wonders to touch up the suede leather. The pommel and the stirrup holders are created out of natural leather, so you can use your favorite leather conditioner. The bottom part of the saddle can be cleaned with water and a mild soap and soft brush. DO NOT brush vigorously. There is a waterproof lining inside the non-slip  air flow material, keeping the moisture and sweat from going inside the saddle. The foam used is also a closed cell foam meaning it will not absorb any moisture.